What Is Private Duty?

Private Duty is a service provided to elderly people who are in need of help with day-to-day activities. A caregiver visits your home and assists you with daily activities. Such as meal preparation, housekeeping, personal grooming, and hygiene.


A private duty home caregiver can also provide companionship for the elderly. As well as respite care to relieve the family members who are taking care of their loved ones on a daily basis. Caregivers also make it possible to stay home safely and enjoy the comfort of space with years of memories. Although it depends on the agency which provides the care.

In short, private duty is just a combination of general home care. Caregivers can provide a wide range of services, from medical and nursing care to bill paying and other services. The goal here is to provide whatever the senior and their family needs. So, they can remain independent in their own homes.

What Are The Objectives?

Private duty aims to assist seniors and other individuals who need help with their activities of everyday life. These are the day to day activities that we take for granted. Activities like bathing, dressing, traveling, using the toilet, eating, and walking.

This a large part of nursing homes and eldercare activities. However, one does not have to move to a nursing home in order to receive private duty services. At Haven Home Health And Hospice, we try to provide all the care and services one could get in the highest-end nursing homes, and deliver those services right within the comfort of your very own residence.

The goal for the patients is to continue to perform as many of their personal care tasks as possible. Personal care is usually quite sensitive and confidential, and are delivered within the patient’s own residence.

Why It Is Important?

Maintaining general hygiene and daily routines become more and more difficult with the growing of age. In 2018, upwards of 15 million senior Americans had some level of need. And among those, 8.1 million had a high need as a result of they had limitations in 2 or more ADLs or were severely cognitively impaired and needed help. By 2050 it is projected to reach 22 million.

Private Duty

Unfortunately, it’s generally very difficult to convince the senior to accept outside help. As they feel it’ll compromise their dignity, self-esteem, and privacy. That’s why it’s necessary to keep in mind that elders are still capable of making choices about their personal care.

Is Private Duty Appropriate For Patients With Dementia?

It is common for someone who is living with dementia to need support with personal care matters. However, this could be challenging if that person is experiencing anxiety and confusion over who people are and feeling shame and embarrassment over intimate activities like bathing and dressing.

We train our carers to try and understand any sources of anxiety or resulting aggression from someone who lives with dementia. They provide gentle encouragement and support to help your dear one feel comfortable.

What Activities Do Private Duty Home Caregivers Do?

Some services offered by caregivers are as follows,

  • Assisting patients/individuals with maintaining personal hygiene, like bathing, laundry services, and alternative similar tasks.
  • Reminding your loved ones to take their medications on time.
  • Transporting individuals to events, run errands, and take care of shopping duties.
  • Taking care of the pets.
  • Also assist with housekeeping and maintenance around the house.

You can learn more about it on our Private Duty page.

Who Provides Private Duty?

It is often provided by nurses, social workers, home health aides, volunteers, and others. Last of all, it depends on the patient because every person has unique needs.

Does Medicaid Pay For Private Duty Nursing?

Private duty nursing services may be provided by a licensed home care services agency that is enrolled as a Medicaid provider and is willing to admit and serve the Medicaid client. For the Medicaid program to pay for private duty nursing services, the services must be prior approved.


And if you’re wondering how much does cost, the average pay for a Private Duty is $23.76 per hour. The average pay for a Private Duty is $44,421 per year.

How To Find Palliative Care Near Me?

There could also be an organization or many that serve your community. it’s important to search out regarding the services that each facility offers. If there are many facilities that serve your area, you’ll need to request services from a specific facility and may communicate that wish to your doctor.

First, ask your primary doctor for a referral. You can also take suggestions from your friends, family. And if you’re in Arizona or Florida, check our locations page to find Haven Home Health And Hospice near you. Again, you don’t need to give up your relationship with your regular doctors or anything to receive the services.

Why Haven?

If you’re visiting this page, this indicates you’re interested in finding the best Home Health Care agencies near you. In this regard, you could try Haven Home Health And Hospice. You can check if Haven has a branch near you from the Locations page.

And if you’re wondering about the service quality, Haven is among the best franchises in the USA with more than 20 branches nationwide. Also, our fees are lower than most other home health care providers you’ll find with such quality as ours. And to learn if your medicare will cover the costs, kindly contact us.

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