Haven Specialty Programs

Living with a chronic health condition isn’t easy. In addition to feelings of loss and worry, there are daily logistics of paying for care and navigating a complex healthcare system. You may have more questions than answers about how to manage your chronic illness.

You aren’t alone. About 85% of older adults have at least one chronic illness and 56% have at least two. Building the right support team can make living with a chronic disease easier. We’d like to be part of your team.

We offer several specialty home health care programs as part of our mission to meet your individual needs. Our specialty home health services can help you preserve your independence and stay in your home as long as possible.

Skilled Nursing

Includes a nursing assessment, instituting
physician orders, instruction on safety,
medications, treatments, infection control,
and disease processes

Physical Therapy

Evaluation and implementation of a home
exercise program, muscle strengthening,
transfers, and gait training


Occupational Therapy

Focus on muscle re-education, perceptual
motor training and fine motor coordination

Speech Therapy

Treatment and evaluation of speech,
language, swallowing, and auditory disorders


Medical Social Worker

Assessment and assistance with social and
financial issues

Home Health Aide

Assistance with hygiene, nutrition, and
environmental needs.

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