Hospice Care

We provide advanced end-of-life healthcare in the comfort of our patient’s home – whether it is a private residence, nursing home or assisted living facility. Our agency provides medical care, social and spiritual support, companionship and education – all in order to ensure the most comfort and highest quality of life for the patient in his or her last days.

Our team consists of physicians, nurses, social workers, hospice aides, chaplains, community educators and volunteers. Each member of this team contributes specialized expertise to benefit the patient and members of his or her family. An individualized Plan of Care is developed for each case, ensuring the most comprehensive and appropriate support for each patient and family.

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Hospice Care service includes

Nursing Care

Registered nurses monitor your symptoms and medication, and help educate both you and your family about what’s happening. The nurse is also the link between you, your family, and the physician.

Social & Physician Services

A social worker counsels and advises you and your family, and acts as your community advocate, making sure you have access to the resources you need. Also, in a full hospice program, a hospice medical director is available to the attending physician, patient, and hospice care team as a consultant and resource.

Spiritual Support & Counseling

Clergy and other spiritual counselors are available to visit you and provide spiritual support at home. Spiritual care is a personal process, and may include helping you explore what death means to you, resolving “unfinished business,” saying goodbye to loved ones, and performing a specific religious ceremony or ritual.

Inpatient Care

Even if you are being cared for at home, there may be times when you’ll need to be admitted to a hospital, extended-care facility, or a hospice inpatient facility. Sometimes medical intervention may be recommended to ease the dying process, requiring round-the-clock nursing care at a facility. Your hospice team will arrange for any such inpatient care, and remain involved in your treatment and with your family.

Bereavement Support

Bereavement is the time of mourning we all experience following the loss of a loved one. The hospice care team will work with your surviving family members to help them through the grieving process. Support may include a counselor or trained volunteer visiting your family at specific periods during the first year, as well as phone calls, letters, and support group recommendations. The hospice team will also refer your loved ones to medical or other professional care if necessary.